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Dear Players, Parents and Coaches of the Girls’ Session of The Match,

We are sorry to report that we plan to defer hosting the inaugural Girls’ Session of The Match, a unique Division III recruiting event, which was scheduled for Sunday, Oct 18, at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA.  While we had a good number of applicants and nominations for candidates in a half dozen states, total enrollment based on paid registrations as of today is not sufficient to hold the event this fall.

While we could go forward on a smaller, more intimate scale with an impressive array of schools in the mix, we do not have the critical mass that we believe is necessary to deliver the highest quality opportunity and value that we want for our stakeholders – the players, parents and coaches, all of whom have honored us with their commitment to attend.

After careful review and in discussion with a number of coaches, and taking into consideration everyone’s busy schedules and travel commitments, we believe the responsible course of action is to reschedule the Girls’ Session when more players and coaches can definitively make it.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and want to optimize The Match for everyone involved.    We have seen great results and have received acclaim from coaches, players and parents over the last two years for the Boys’ Session, which will go forward as planned.  We have the same expectations for the Girls’ Session in the near future.  We strongly believe in the philosophy of the event and remain committed to it.  We will continue to encourage parents and players to “focus on the fit, not the frenzy.”

We will be sending refunds to everyone via PayPal.  To those who paid via checks, you will receive a refund by check.

We thank you for your trust and will move forward with plans to reconvene on a future date and time when conflicts for our stakeholders promise to be less acute.  In that regard, please take a moment by CLICKING HERE to let us know your thoughts on a more optimal time for The Match, perhaps when school, club and other commitments are less pressing.

In the meantime, our special thanks to the college coaches who signed up to attend the inaugural event.  We are grateful for their enthusiasm and support.  And thanks to all players and parents for your time, interest and understanding.  Please accept our sincere regrets for being constrained to take action to suspend this Sunday’s Girls’ Session of The Match.


The Match Mid-Atlantic Girls’ Showcase